Speakers 2018

Federico Francesco Ferrero – Italy – "Gastronomic heritage of Amorgos: a path towards the protection of a fragile beauty "
Dr Federico Francesco Ferrero, is at the moment considered one of the most respected gastonomy epert in Europe.
Graduated from Turin University in medicine and surgery summa cum laude 1998 and over the years has carried out some original multidisciplinary studies into various aspects of human nutrition. Dr Ferrero is interested in psychoanalysis and is a nutrition consultant for the Jonas Charitable Association (Onlus) in Turin (http://www.jonasonlus.it/). He ha s already published two books and appears every week in various tv and radio programs.
He has lectured widely on various aspects of food in Italy and in other countries. He also collaborates at Turin University and is a consultant for a number of Italian companies in the food industry.
He’s also a food journalist and his weekly column DoctorChef on La Stampa is followed by tens of thousands readers. Accidentally he also won the tv talent show MasterChef in 2014. For over 30 years he has had a great passion for gastronomy. Among his many interests in addition to his love for cuisine, are horses and the Aegean Sea.

Helen Methodiou – Greece – "The UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage/The UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural"




Anna Galanou – Greece – "Anthropological approaches to the diet in our culture"

Anna Galanou was born in Athens, lived in France and in recent years has been living in Nafplion.

Wanting to study art and architecture, Anna ended up in Anthorpological studies through Ethnology and Anthropology. She has worked for the Univercity, the Ministry of Culture and various museums and organizations.

Her specialty is in cultural heritage in all its manifestations, particularly related to religion and nutrition.  She writes articles and studies, she's a French translator and gets involved in various cultural activities.

Katerina Marinaki – Greece – "Nutritional habits in ancient Greece"

Katerina Marinaki was born on Folegandros Island and studied childcare in Athens ATEI and European Culture in the Hellenic Open University, before continuing to postgraduate studies in Folklore Culture in the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. She speaks English, French and Italian.
Since 1998 she has been the publisher of “Small Cyclades” – “Travelling in the Aegean and Ionian Seas”, editions that publish local newspapers, magazines, travel guides and ferry liner publications. Their most recent publication is the “Greek Gastronomy Calendar”, an innovative magazine in English, which includes all festivities related to local products taking place in Greece.
She has participated as a speaker in many Conventions, mainly related to the Greek and islander folklore and history. She also often participates as a journalist in European Summits and the Regional Committee. Her articles and studies have been published in many Greek and local magazines and newspapers. She is the author of the books “Ano Meria of Folegandros – Settlement and biotic organization” (1991) and “Folegandros Island” (2001). She has also been the editor of folklore for the documentary series for 24 Cycladic islands produced by the Prefecture of Cyclades and directed by George Dabasis.

Other activities:
- President of the Association of Anomerites of Folegandros
-President of the non-profit society “Friends of the Archipelago”
-Board member of the Society of Cycladic Studies
-Member of the Cycladic Press Union and
-Member of the Union of Travel Journalists and Writers
-She is also a member of numerous Cycladic and Aegean Associations and of various women’s, journalists’ and environmental organizations.

Theofilos Vafidis  Poland  





Κate KremeziGreece "Traditional settlements and diet heritage"

Born in Athens. Professor Emeritus at N.T.U.A. Architectural degree (Dept. of Architecture, NTUA, Athens), DEA (Neohellenique History) PARIS IV, Sorbonne; PhD in Architecture NTUA. She has more than forty five years of experience in teaching and active architecture. Member and director, since 2004, of the Laboratory of Architectural Morphology (Architectural Styles and Forms) at the NTUA. Main interests are related to historic and vernacular architectural environment as well as with contemporary architecture - the methodical architectural analysis and the design. She is President of the Greek Society of Aesthetics, member of the Council of Greek Society for the architectural heritage and she has been Expert member of the International Scientific Committee of Cultural Tourism (ICOMOS).

Irene Karoni – Greece – "Cinema and Gastronomy"